Prices have increased. Increased costs as well as a belief by Inneos that they initially undervalued Inneos products have led them to a price increase. Inneos products are still very competitively priced relative to other uncompressed, single fiber solutions.  Pricing for accessories and fiber remains approximately the same.

  • As of February 1, 2020 Suggested Retail Pricing  is $1,199.00 for both the BJK & BPK-XT  Kits

  • Standard Dealer Price will increase to $549 for both the BJK & BJK-XT Kits as of March 1, 2020. (Note this is an increase from 40% GM to over 54% GM ) 

Try Before You Buy Program.  Future Ready Solutions dealers can now purchase Inneos products at 15% off dealer cost to test and use in their showrooms. This is limited to one unit each of the BJK-O and BPK-XT-0 per dealer location. Use the Coupon Code INNEOS-DEMO at checkout at the prompt “Have a Coupon Code?” to receive the 15% off.

To view the latest dealer pricing in PDF and XLS formats, Click Here