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Video Tutorials

Home Screen Tutorial

A brief explanation of the home screen within Project Q. 2 minute video.

Home Screen Video

Company Setup Tutorial

Setting up your master company data. This information is used each time a new project is created. Existing projects are not affected by any changes made in here.

Changes are real time, affecting any new project from the moment changes are saved without the need for synchronization. 5 minute video.

Company Setup Video


Needs Analysis Tutorial

Entering information by zone into the needs analysis, and deleting as required. 1 minute video.

Needs Analysis Video

Costs Summary Tutorial

Discover how Project Q instantly calculates your quotation each time you create and amend your customer needs analysis.

GP Margin % and Fee Schedule are also covered in this section. 2 minute video.

Costs Summary Video

Reports Tutorial

Learn how to generate stunning reports directly from Project Q and e-mail them directly from your iPad. 1 minute video.

Reports Video

Product Setup (page one) Tutorial

Discover how to manage the product categories within Project Q which enables it to produce you quotations.

Learn about the importance of the ‘minimum quantity’ value.  2 minute video.

Product Setup (pg1) Video


Product Setup (page 2) Tutorial

Learn how to manage the individual products which make up the minimum quantity value per category, and tweak each project accordingly to ensure accuracy with your quotations. 2 minute video.

Product Setup (pg2) Video