Celerity Detachable Fiber Optic (DFO) Cables to be discontinued September 15, 2018 replaced by
Celerity Universal Fiber Optic (UFO) Series Cables

We want to provide you with advance notice of the transition from Celerity DFO HDMI cables (with detachable copper-to-copper connection at the head shell) to the new Celerity UFO HDMI cables (with fiber-to-fiber in-line connection) to take place next month. This is a substantial improvement in overall performance, upgradability, and reliability.

Please begin to reduce your DFO purchases and substituting the UFO products wherever possible.

The same DFO cable lengths are available for UFO, plus a 130ft length has been added.

UFO offers several valuable benefits over DFO

  • 18Gbps improved stability
  • Optical connection between TX and RX ends and the UFO in-wall fiber cable
  • 2-part locking connector and coupler secures connections
  • UFO in-wall fiber cable is non-directional
  • No electronics are contained on the UFO in-wall fiber cable
  • TX and RX Connector Cables include a 6ft fiber pigtail for ease in tight spaces
  • UFO in-wall fiber cable will support HDMI 2.1 when available
  • 2 Steps to Fiber Optic HDMI: No tools. No terminations
  • We will maintain a small inventory of DFO for tech support. Should you have a long lead time project spec, please advise us so that we may reserve DFO cables for your project.


See the new UFO cables here: https://futurereadysolutions.com/product/ufo-hdmi-cables/