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Belden unites an organization of solutions and technologies built to outperform and outlast in the most demanding connectivity applications.

Celerity Technologies

Celerity Technologies has developed high performance, easy to use fiber optic products for residential and commercial AV systems. Celerity’s first breakthrough innovation, Detachable Fiber Optic HDMI has become successful with professional AV installers for single and multi-room video systems. Celerity’s sleek, thin fiber optic cable with detachable connectors and high bandwidth makes it easy for installation and provides the ultimate video performance.

Cleerline SSF Fiber

Cleerline Technology Group as a company has redefined how optical cable can be installed and terminated.  Cleerline glass fibers incorporate a patented polymeric coating that is an integral part of the optical glass fiber.  Cleerline fiber optic cables meet—and in most cases exceed—all requirements for both Multimode and Singlemode fiber optic cabling industry standards. SSF is Stronger, Safer, Faster.  Cleerline fibers are stronger with over 10,000x the bend capability and up to 400x the pull force over standard fiber.  Cleerline is safer to work with as it will not penetrate skin or soft tissues, and it is quicker, allowing for terminations that are up to 50% faster compared to other standard glass fibers.  Cleerline fiber is compatible with all common connector systems for standard 50/125 Multimode and 9/125 Singlemode fibers.  Cleerline fiber is available in today's most common cabling configurations for optical cables and also in a wide variety of optical patch cords that provide superior fiber connections and greater reliability in all applications.

Future Ready Solutions

Future Ready Solutions is dedicated to being a different kind of distributor; a hybrid supplier that operates both as a nationally powerful representative company AND a distributor – focused on high-performance connectivity solutions for the custom integration channel. FRS will create customized sales/distribution strategies and programs for its vendors that will optimize the sales and marketing of their products in the U.S.


Kordz was founded in Australia in 2003 to address the specific needs of the custom & commercial AV installation community by delivering dependable high definition connectivity solutions. In the years since, Kordz has evolved into a well-respected, multi-award winning brand, specializing particularly in reliable long reach HDMI since becoming an HDMI Adopter member in 2005. Kordz is committed to a high standard of practical and graceful design, partnered with quality manufacturing and supporting education, all of which are key to the installers’ successful product integration.

Perfect Path

For over six decades, PPC’s professional broadband, telecom, and satellite products have delivered signal behind the walls of over 100 million homes. Today, the quality/bandwidth demands of HD home theatre drive a new consumer quest for professional-grade connections from the wall to the system. Recognizing that desire, PPC® created the Perfect Path™ line of in-home cable and connections, finally completing a Perfect entertainment signal from its cable/satellite inception to the back of the HDTV.


PPC Broadband, Inc., a Belden brand, has been a leading manufacturer and developer of connectivity solutions for the broadband service provider market for over 70 years. With more patents in connector technology than any other company worldwide, PPC has pioneered many of the advancements available in the broadband space. Additionally, PPC has proved itself time and again as a leader in the design and manufacture of connector and related technology for the telecommunications and satellite industries around the globe.

TechLogix Networx

TechLogix innovates solutions for signal distribution and management of HDMI and other signals over IP, twisted-pair, and fiber-optic cables.