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Altelix Polycarbonate Weatherproof Enclosure for Starlink® Satellite Router & Mesh Node with Cooling Fan, 120VAC Outlets and Power Cord

Altelix Polycarbonate Weatherproof Enclosure for Starlink® Satellite Router & Mesh Node with Cooling Fan, 120VAC Outlets and Power Cord

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The Altelix NP17VFA1C-STK1 Enclosure is a weatherproof fan-cooled enclosure designed to provide the ultimate protection for the Starlink® WiFi Router and is ideal for rapid deployment because no wiring is required. Simply mount the enclosure and plug the pre-wired 5 foot power cord into a nearby outlet.

Multi Function Mounting Cradle
The Altelix Starlink® enclosure features an innovated multi function mounting cradle which is designed to easily mount both the Starlink® router and Starlink ® Ethernet adapter into one cradle. This mounting cradle also provides easy to use cable management for all the required cables.

Install Your Starlink® WiFi Router Securely Outdoors
This sleek enclosure is molded from weatherproof UV resistant PC+ABS, a high tech thermoplastic blend of polycarbonate and ABS, for extreme durability. The door features reinforced hinges, dual latches and a tamper-proof locking screw with key to secure the enclosure. The wall mounting screws are concealed securely within the enclosure to prevent tampering. There is also a provision for a padlock.

RF Transparent Design
The non-metallic design of the enclosure and bracket is RF transparent and will not interfere with the WiFi signal range or coverage pattern.

Plug and Play Setup
The NP17VFA1C-STK1 enclosure provides easy plug-n-play installation. Once the Starlink® router is securely mounted inside the enclosure, connect its power supply to the internal 120VAC power outlet. Cable glands on the enclosure allows cables to be connected to the device. Simply plug the enclosure’s 5 foot power cord into an outdoor outlet and you are up and running.

Cooling Fan Ventilation
To keep your Starlink® router running cool, this enclosure features dual 3″ vents and a thermostat controlled cooling fan. The low noise, high airflow fan helps maintain lower internal temperatures. The fan turns on when the internal temperature reaches 100°F (38°C) and turns off when it drops to 79°F (26°C). The fan is wired internally so it does not require the use of the AC outlets. Rain shrouds on the front door keep rain water from entering the enclosure.

The NP17VFA1C-STK1 enclosure can be wall mounted using the included wall anchors. An optional pole mount kit is also available for mounting on poles or fence posts.

Starlink® is a trademark or registered trademark of Space Exploration Technologies Corp.

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Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 14 × 7 in

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