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Cleerline Fiber Products

Fiber Optics Redefined:  Cleerline SSF™ – Stronger.  Safer.  Faster.

Cleerline Technology Group constantly strives to improve all forms of fiber optic technology, from the glass itself to the tools and accessories that are utilized in the process of termination. From the largest data centers, to your office desktop connection, and now to your home’s TV, Cleerline is redefining fiber connectivity.

Custom Fiber Cable Design Tool

Design a Custom Fiber Cable in Minutes

Not ready to take the plunge and terminate your own fiber? No worries. You can use this handy Custom Fiber Cable Design Tool to order any of the Cleerline SSF Fiber that we sell – cut and spooled to the length you need, terminated with the connectors you want, with a pulling eye and mesh at one end to protect the connectors as you install the fiber.   Click here to learn more…