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AVPro Edge Tech Support Tips & Tricks

AVPro Edge Tech Support Tips & Tricks

General Recommendations

  • CAT6a and standard RJ45 connectors are strongly recommended (shielded if possible). Anything lower than CAT6a and improper terminations can cause video sync issues, video dropouts, and can limit how far the signal can do. Unshielded CAT may experience interference and may cause there to be no link on the HDBaseT extenders.

  • Do not use RJ45 “E-Z” connectors. The bare copper at the end of the connector can introduce unwanted noise and unreliability.

  • If your display has multiple inputs, we suggest using Input 2 or Input 3 (Samsung One Connect always use Input 2). These inputs typically have the better hardware and can take in high-bandwidth signals easier than input 1.

  • On most 4K displays there is a setting to enable “Deep Color”. This setting is often called different things and is in different areas of the menu depending on the brand. Sony for example calls this setting “Enhanced Mode” and is located under the “External Inputs” menu. You can usually find this setting in the user manual for your display.

  • Be sure to use 2-meter HDMI cables between any source or display and the input or output HDMI port of an HDBaseT extender. Extenders may work with cables shorter than 2-meters, but in the case of any picture or sync issues, these must be 2-meter to accurately troubleshoot the extender.

  • HDBaseT does not support Dolby Vision 60htz. If you are wanting Dolby Vision, 30htz will work over HDBaseT. If Dolby Vision 60htz is a must, consider using fiber or our Bullet Train AOC cables.

EDID Management

  • EDID management is key. All our matrixes and our “444” series extenders allow for you to set canned EDIDs or copy the EDID from a specific display. Some displays, as well as sources, can be very particular about the signal they send or receive. All our products have manuals on our website and those manuals contain a list of canned EDIDs and instructions for setting them.

  • If there is a projector in your setup, always copy the EDID from the projector and/or Sony display. These types of displays tend to be very picky about the type of signal they receive.

Common Issues on Site

  • The default IP address for our products is:

  • If you ever need to communicate to our products via RS232, you need to use Windows. Sometimes VMWare can work but it can be very unreliable. This is how we do firmware if we need to, and we have seen products become “bricked” using VMWare.

  • Snow is almost always HDCP (Use an AC-SC1-AUHD or AC- DA12-AUHD-GEN2 to check and/or fix.)

  • Sparkles/flashing is almost always HDMI Cables (replace cables)

  • Color overlay is almost always a color space issue (change EDID)

  • Blank, black screen (without the “no signal”) is almost always EDID (change EDID)

  • If you don’t have a Fox and Hound Kit or Murideo SIX-G and SIX-A, I strongly suggest and recommend them from troubleshooting

  • All our manuals can be found online at our website.

  • Keep an AC-DA12-AUHD-GEN2 and/or AC-SC1-AUHD on your truck. You never know when you might need them!