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LightSpeed MV-4K-4X1 4K60 HDMI MultiView Video Processor

LightSpeed MV-4K-4X1 4K60 HDMI MultiView Video Processor

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Product Information

MV-4K-4×1 4K60 HDMI Multi Viewer   


MV-4K-4X1 is a multi-view video processor that supports 4K@60Hz input and output. Up to 4 channels of 4K/UHD video signals can be simultaneously displayed on one 4K/UHD display. MV-4K-4X1 supports seamless switching between 4 input signals, and supports multiple screen layouts such as original mode, Dual-view mode, H mode, PIP mode and Quad mode to meet different image display needs. Support multiple control methods such as button, IR remote and RS232.


Key Features:

  1. TRUE 4K@60HZ/UHD VIDEO: Both HDMI input and HDMI output compliant HDMI 2.0b specification up to 4K@60Hz 4:4:4 8bit.

  2. RICH LAYOUT MODESupport six screen layouts, such as Original, Dual-view, Master mode, H mode, PIP mode and Quad mode.

  3. SEAMLESS SWITCHINGSupports seamless switching under the same layout.

  4. CASCADE FUNCTION: More inputs are displayed on the same display.

  5. IMAGE STRETCHING: Optional support fixed aspect ratio and image stretching mode.

  6. AUDIO DE-EMBEDDING: Supports audio de-embedding from the HDMI output.

  7. MULTIPLE CONTROL: Supports multiple control methods, including button, IR and RS232 control.




  1. Personal entertainment: multiple games on the same screen, live broadcast, and sports.

  2. Light commercial: Sport bar, bar, convenience store, car advertising display, etc.


Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 2 in

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