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Cleerline SSF 9/125 Single Mode Direct Burial (Armored) (per foot)

Cleerline SSF 9/125 Single Mode Direct Burial (Armored) (per foot)

Stocked in 1000ft Spools or Sold by the foot
Order the number of feet for each spool as separate line orders
Individual SKU-Cut Charge of $25.00 will be added to any cuts under 1000 feet
There is no cut charge for lengths over 1000ft

Product Information

Cleerline SSF™ Armored Corrugated Steel Distribution cable consists of a PE overall jacket with 24 fibers and water-blocking Kevlar yarns.

The core is protected by a corrugated armored steel tube that offers easy installation and high crush resistance. A polyethylene, UV-resistant jacket protects the cable, allowing direct burial.

Cleerline SSF™ Armored Single Mode is fully compatible with all common connector systems for standard 9/125 single mode fiber.

This product offers bend performance beyond EIA SP2840A, superior crush resistance, and superior pull.


  • High mechanical strength, superior fatigue
  • Compatible with common connector systems for 9/125 single mode fiber
  • Integral SSF™ coating provides glass protection
  • Exclusive 250 µm Soft Peel acrylate
  • High crush resistance
  • Cable built to withstand rugged environments
  • Rodent resistant


  • Outdoor direct burial
  • Installations requiring high crush resistance

Additional information

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2, 6, 12, 24

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WARNING: This product may expose you to chemicals including DINP and/or DEHP, which are known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to or our information page: California Proposition 65 Info.