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ROBOfiber LFC-CH12-AC – 12 slot fiber chassis with one AC power supply and fans (for LFC series converters)

ROBOfiber LFC-CH12-AC – 12 slot fiber chassis with one AC power supply and fans (for LFC series converters)

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Product Information

Note: The LFC-CH12-AC is an empty chassis for LFC series media converters. 10G, Gigabit and Fast Ethernet media converters all can go into the LFC-CH12 chassis.

Product description
LFC-CH12 series are the most cost effective and highest density fiber aggregation solution.

All LFC-CH12 chassis have only 1RU and can accommodate 12 units of LFC series media converters. The 12 slot chassis is designed to fit a 19″ wide telco rack system, placing up to 12 fiber media converters for 10G, Gigabit or Fast Ethernet speed in just 1RU of space height.

LFC chassis are simple and straightforward. There are two bays for power supplies which can be populated and swapped independently under operation. The LFC-CH12-AC comes with a single AC switching power supply with 90V-240V input. There are no centralized management features, however, the LFC series of media converters support many features like LFP (Link-Fault-Pass through) functions and forced speed and flow settings. Media converters are switching type, store-and-forward mechanism, and are able to work Half/Full Duplex mode but most of them can also be set in transparent converter mode (no packet switching) for minimum latency.

The LFC-CH12 series are the perfect choice for High density nodes in a fiber network environment. Up to 12 fiber media converters can be put together in a 1RU chassis (24 converters in 2RU) with choice of redundant power supplies and saving precious space in the data networking design.


Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 12 × 3 in

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