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Inneos began as a start-up called Blaze Network Products in 1998. At the heart of Inneos’ products, you’ll find a powerful optical engine built on Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing (CWDM). This patented technology enables us to multiplex up to eight wavelengths of light on a single strand of low-cost optical fiber. This allows you to send more data, farther, while also reducing the cost and complexity of your fiber optic deployment. And because our optical engine is protocol agnostic, you can place HDMI, Ethernet, USB, and other protocols on the same fiber.

Inneos Real4K HDMI 4K@60, 4:4:4, HDR, HDCP 2.2 Fiber Optic Extender Kit

Inneos Black Jaguar Fiber Optic Extender KIt – 4K@60, 4:4:4, HDR, HDCP2.2

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